Group & Individual Health Insurance

What is Group Health Insurance?

Group Medical Health insurance is an employer-sponsored health coverage geared towards business owners, employees and usually applies to dependents as well. A majority of Americans have group health coverage through their own or a family member’s employer-sponsored group plan. Employers and employees can share costs and there are special tax incentives available to businesses that provide group health insurance. A Group Health Insurance plan is an essential constituent of many employee benefits packages that employers provide for employees.

How It Works

As skilled professionals with years of experience, we will guide you towards the right group plan. As an employer, you then give your employees capability to enroll. In most cases, around 50% of each individual employee’s monthly cost (or premium) is covered by the employer. In certain cases, employers may contribute to dependent premiums. The remaining costs are covered by the employee.

What if you don’t qualify for group health insurance?

With the passage of PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010)(also known as “Obamacare”), there are now more health insurance options available for individuals if your employers do not provide this benefit to you. If you are a self-employed individual group health insurance may no longer be an option for you. This kind of individual health plan can be purchased either from the public health insurance marketplace of each state where you reside, or you may apply with insurance companies directly.

Get Started

Do you want to find out what group health insurance plans make the most sense for your business? Do you want to know which individual health insurance plan is the most suitable choice? Call Lexim Advisers today, tell us about yourself and let us find the most appropriate coverage for you.